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Win FREE Software every issue.

aFreeGoNews brings you the latest software and special deals

Let us tell you about the best software available for your computer.  We receive hundreds of new and updated listings every day.  We receive press releases direct from the authors of great software.  Every four weeks, we will tell you about the best of them.  Every issue gives you the chance to win a FREE copy of our featured software.

The aFreeGoNews eZine is emailed every four weeks to all subscribers, and brings you news about the latest (and best) shareware and freeware that you can download.

Subscribing to aFreeGoNews is free, and as you can see below, it is well worth taking the time to subscribe.

By subscribing to aFreeGoNews, you get :

  • Your name in the draw to Win FREE Software every issue.
  • Exclusive offers from our authors for aFreeGoNews subscribers.

We will not give or sell your email address or any other details to any third party.  See our Privacy Policy for more information. 

Old Issues Now Available

Beginning with the October 8, 2001 issue, we started archiving all aFreeGoNews newsletters for you to view online
Visit the aFreeGoNews archives.

What's In It ?

aFreeGoNews is always sent in HTML format, so it is easy to read and easy to follow links to articles and software information.  aFreeGoNews contains :

  • information about the latest shareware, freeware and demo software listed on
  • information about the latest hot applications.  
  • articles about software and solutions.
  • exclusive offers from our contributing authors.

As long as you are subscribed, you will be in the draw to win free software every issue.

Don't miss out on the best freeware and shareware around.

Why Subscribe ?

Of course, the best reason to subscribe is that aFreeGoNews is absolutely free.  The next best reason is that you get up to date information about the best shareware, freeware and demo software delivered directly to your inbox.

What's that ?  You need more reasons ?  OK, by subscribing to aFreeGoNews, you will be in with a chance to win great free software every month.

How Do I Win ?

Our contributing authors tell us about applications for which they will give away a free single user license.  Why do they do it ?  Well, it's good publicity for their software.

By subscribing to aFreeGoNews, your name is placed in the draw to win a free single user license from one of our contributing authors.  Every month, we draw one winner at random from everyone subscribed to aFreeGoNews.  You get one chance in the draw for every month that you have been subscribed; so if you have been subscribed for 5 months then you will have 5 chances in the draw.


aFreeGoNews brings you the latest software and special deals

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