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ESBPCS for VCL - Components and Routines     6.3.0

Author   ESB Consultancy
Date   09/25/2013
Size   67848 KB
License   Shareware
Price   US $199.00
Platform   Win2000,Win7 x32,Win7 x64,WinServer,WinVista,WinVista x64,Wi
Installation   Install and Uninstall
aFreeGo Rating   Not Rated
Downloads   558
User Rating   0.00
Min Requirements   Embarcadero (formerly CodeGear/Borland) Delphi or C++ Builder

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ESBPCS for VCL is a collection of over 6000 routines/methods and over 235 classes/components in over 140 units for Delphi 7 2005/Win32 2006/Win32 2007 2009 2010 XE XE2 XE3 XE4 XE5 and C++ Builder 2006 2007 20092010 XE XE2 XE3 XE4 XE5 which are aimed at making "data entry and manipulation easier" for Developers and their Customers. ESBPCS is also available in several subsets: ESBPCS-Calcs ESBPCS-Dates ESBPCS-Stats ESBPCS-Lite as well as the Full version. All versions include source upon registration. Components included cover Integer Edits Float Edits Hex Edits IP Address Edits Percentage Edits Date Edits Time Edits Date/Time Edits Month Edits Time Edits Complex Edits Fraction Edits Currency Edits Calculator Edits Calendar Edits Button Edits Degree/Minute/Second Edits Comboboxes Month Comboboxes Day of Week Comboboxes Time Zone Comboboxes Country Comboboxes Duration Comboboxes SpinEdits Month SpinEdit DOW SpinEdits Duration SpinEdits Currency SpinEdits Vector Edits Matrix Edits Button Edits Calculators (Scientific and Programmer''s) Calendars Statistical Analysis Labels URL Labels Math Labels CheckBoxes RadioGroups CheckGroups Memos RichEdits and much more. Routines included cover Mathematics Probability Statistics Complex Numbers Fractions Physics Geometry Astronomy Longitude/Latitude Unit Conversions Strings File IO Registry Financials Country Lists Holidays Time Zones Dates and Times and much more. Recently added: Jewish Holidays (Hanukkah Yom Kippur Rosh Hashanah) National Holidays Includes full source to all components and routines.

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