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diablo 3 wizard skills     1.0

Author   d3richwarrior v.1.0
Date   11/15/2012
Size   1340 KB
License   Freeware
Price   US $0.00
Platform   Win95,Win98,Windows2000,WinXP
Installation   Install and Uninstall
aFreeGo Rating   Not Rated
Downloads   558
User Rating   0.00
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1. Magic Missile - This is a single target skill. When fired it will fling on a single enemy at long range. This is one of the first skills that you will get when using this character. It may be a single target skill but it helps in killing enemies before they can even hit the Wizard. 2. Shock Pulse - It is also known as the Charged Bolt. The Wizard will release 3 pulses which will randomly hit a group of enemies or specifically 3 enemies and it does give a good damage. 3. Spectral Blade - This skill slashes in a quick pace just in front of the wizard which deals great amount of damage. This is however a close ranged skill which is helpful when the enemy gets the chance to get close to the wizard. 4. Electrocute - It is for single or multiple targets but it drains the mana quickly which is a disadvantage because you won''t be able to use other skills when you use it more frequently. 5. Wave of Force - This is a Nova that can deal great damage and reflecting enemies'' projectiles. One disadvantage of this skill is it has a medium cooldown rate so use it wisely. 6. Arcane Orb - When fired it explodes upon contact with the enemy and it deals splash damage to other enemies. It will however drain the arcane power of the Wizard quickly but one advantage of this skill is that it has no cooldown. 7. Energy Twister - The Wizard will create a storm force wind that will deal great damage to enemies oever time. 8. Disintegrate - A beam of energy that deals massive arcane damage each second. 9. Explosive Blast - It is a 2 second delayed explosion that will deal damage to enemies around the Wizard. 10. Hydra - It is an old skill in Diablo 2 and is very useful in battles of attrition and kiting. 11. Frost Nova - It is a ring of cold mist which freezes any enemies nearby for quite some time and deals damage at the same time. 12. ice Armor - This skill will chill out those enemies who wil try to attack the Wizard. 13. Magic Weapon - Gives a boost of damage to Wizard''s weapon.

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