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diablo 3 skills     1.0

Author   d3richwarrior v.1.0
Date   11/15/2012
Size   1340 KB
License   Freeware
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Platform   Win95,Win98,Windows2000,WinXP
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aFreeGo Rating   Not Rated
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Diablo III is a video game that has captured the attention of many lovers of interesting games. It has five different classes compared to Diablo II. You can choose a female or male character to play these classes both are available. Alsoin this series of the game Diablo you can choose your character''s gender. 1.The Barbarian is the only character that also existed in Diablo IIbut in Diablo III it is completely changed and also improved . The prowess in battle and the physical strength remain his main characteristics.When is attacked he exudes an immeasurable angry which makes his oponents to crash. The Barbarian''s main skills are :seismic slam clevelap and so forth. 2.The Witch Doctor is a character that has connection with voodoo and shamanism.His main skills are unique like firebomb soul harvest mass confussion. He uses deseasedeathcurses to defeat their opponents. 3.The Demon Hunter is a character that has two abilities :hate and discipline. It is very skilled in handling the crossbow and the smal bombs. His major skills are grenade entangling shotbola. 4.The Wizard is a fearless character with magical powers who would do anything to come out victorious in the combat. Slow time electrocuteteleport magic missile and disintegrate are his important skills. 5.The Monk is a religious fighter the speed and the martial arts beeing its main features. Is a good fighter in melee combat and his main skills are :impenetrable defenseexploding palmcrippling wave and so on. These are the main character classes but beside these there are also the joke classes of which take part the archivist .This class is a fake one created by Blizzard in April 2009. To become a good player you have to know all the character classes and all their skills.

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