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diablo 3 monk skills     1.0

Author   d3richwarrior v.1.0
Date   11/15/2012
Size   1340 KB
License   Freeware
Price   US $0.00
Platform   Win95,Win98,Windows2000,WinXP
Installation   Install and Uninstall
aFreeGo Rating   Not Rated
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Diablo III monk is a class in Blizzard''s action role playing game. The monk was the fourth Diablo III class to be unveiled. Monks are religious and spiritual warriors characterized by mantras combos spiritual power mobility and speed. They can channel divine power outsourced from Sahptev faith. Monks have 21 skills available for their use. These skills focus on holy energy and ancestral knowledge. However monks can have only 6 active skills at a time. These are illustrated by the skills tree as follows: Primary Skills These skills generate 6 spirit per attack. They include: Fists of thunder (level 1) deadly reach (level 3) crippling wave (level 11) and way of the hundred fists (level 15) Secondary Skills Lashing tail kick (level 2) tempest rush (level 5) Wave of light (level12) Action bar Skills Defensive: Blinding flash (level4) breath of heaven (level8) Serenity (level16) Inner Sanctuary (level22) Techniques: Dashing strike (level9) Exploding palm (level13) sweeping wing (level 21) Focus: Cyclone strike (level14) seven sided strike (level17) mystic ally (level22) Mantras: Mantra of Evasion (level 19) mantra of retribution (level21) mantra of healing (level26) mantra of conviction (level30) Passive Skills Fleet footed(level10) Resolve(level10) The guardians path(level13) transcendence(level16) chant of resonance(level20) seize the initiative(level 20) exalted soul(leve24) sixth sense(level27) pacifism(level30) Beacon of Ytar (Level 35) Guiding Light(Level 40) One With Everything (Level 45) Combination Strike(Level 50) Near Death Experience(Level 58). In addition monks have some equipment that they can use such as: Spirit Stones Fist Weapons and Daibos. Monks are the only class that can use daibos for they have the skills to use the. When playing monk it is very important to manage your spirit so as to be able to move fast to and from enemies and to deal with the damage. If you are thrilled by heat of battle then monk is the game for you.

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