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Panther Gallery ScreenSaver     1.6

Date   11/24/2012
Size   5752 KB
License   Freeware
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Platform   WinXP,WinVista,WinVista x64,Win7 x32,Win7 x64,Win2000,WinOth
Installation   Install and Uninstall
aFreeGo Rating   Not Rated
Downloads   45
User Rating   0.00
Min Requirements   Intell or AMD (x64/x86)/Video 64 Mb/15 Mb HDD space/Any DisplayMonitorHDTVPanelPlasmaProjector

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Some people think that the panther and leopard - are different animals: panther black and leopard spotted. In fact this same animal felines just differently colored. They have a special structure of the larynx which allows to issue a roar. The fact that representatives of the genus hypoglossal apparatus not completely ossified - on-site one of the bones in it is a flexible bundle allowing the larynx to swell. Also their vocal cords undivided and form a tubular structure functioning as a very effective sound-producing device. These black animals may be born in a litter with a normally colored mottled pups. Black Panther is especially common on the island of Java in Indonesia. This is a wonderful beautiful cats with a flexible and strong body round head long tail slender legs. They are widely distributed in Africa and the southern half of Asia. Occasionally there are black leopards. They are often called a black panther. Black Panther - is a very common mutation of the leopard. Sometimes the normally colored parents appear one or two black kittens. Ordinary paint leopard - varying intensity yellow background thickly dotted with black spots that on the muzzle and tips of claws are considerably reduced in size almost in passing specks. However the Panthers have saved Spot. If we carefully look closely you can see that on a dark smoky background stand is absolutely black spots. At a considerable distance color is monochromatic black. Biology and behavior is typical of leopards and black panthers are the same. Scientists at the zoo found that when crossed with black leopard spotted kittens are born of both types of stains roughly equal proportion and black parents give mainly black offspring. Black Panthers are spread across a wide area of leopard but in the Amur-Ussuri region are rare. Most often they are found in South-East Asia.

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